Wyzwania stojące przed interwencją kryzysową – głos w dyskusji


Małgorzata Duda
Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie


Interventions against individuals or families experiencing various crises are nothing new, nor are the crises themselves. This is because the experience of a crisis very often exceeds the ability to cope with its experience or consequences on your own. Hence the need for professional support of a person in need, in a hopeless situation. Crisis intervention and people working as interveners come to the rescue. The question arises about the frequency of using crisis intervention, the level of public knowledge about this form of assistance, and finally about the challenges faced by people performing the profession of crisis intervener. The article is an introduction to the discussion on, on the one hand, the need to develop crisis intervention in Poland, and on the other, indicating the level of knowledge about crisis intervention.



19 December 2023


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