Interwencja kryzysowa jako forma pomocy inkluzyjnej na rzecz osób doświadczających kryzysu izolacji penitencjarnej


Katarzyna Gucwa-Porębska
Uniwersytet Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie


Leaving a prison unit after serving a custodial sentence is a difficult time for many inmates, full of anxiety about reintegrating back into the community. For many inmates, especially those at risk of a homelessness crisis, intervention suport is one of the priority interventions. The aim of this article is to identify forms of intervention-inclusion support for people experiencing penitentiary isolation. In addition to the theoretical issues, excerpts from own research of an individual case analysis will be presented, which will further bring the specifics of the professionalisation of intervention support in a custodial environment.



19 December 2023


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