Interwencja kryzysowa jako potrzeba współczesności


Sylwia Michalec-Jękot
Uniwersytet Ignatianum w Krakowie


The scientific objective of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of crisis intervention as an immediate action in a difficult situation, corresponding to the needs of the present day. The article focuses on the issue of crisis intervention, which can play a stabilising role in a post-modern, dynamic reality. The article uses an analysis of scientific texts. The content of the article explains the development and specificity of crisis intervention and outlines the role it can play today. Crisis intervention is not a psychotherapeutic intervention, a long-term process. It is an immediate action aimed at quickly restoring the current functioning of persons and communities experiencing difficult situations. The crisis intervention does not solve the per problems for them, but accompanies them. The article indicates that crisis intervention is an action that responds to the need to create spaces where those experiencing difficult situations could benefit from the 24-hour support needed in an unstable reality.



19 December 2023


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